place cards vs. escort cards

Simple Explanation:

Place Cards are at each place setting with a entree indicator

Escort Cards are displayed and have the guests table location. (to escort your guests to their table)

The big how to: PLACE CARDS

If you are hosting a plated dinner with multiple entree selections for your guests, place cards are our clever little way of telling your caterer's service team which entree your guest has selected so that service is seamless, and not "auctioned off" (quote from my dearest F+B director husband, Darryn}.

These entree indicators can be expressed in many really cool ways to reflect your wedding style. You can use words, icons or color coding to notate which entree your guest has selected (from their RSVP card). Here are some suggestions for you to keep in mind

Are your wedding colors neutral or similar? Use an icon or words. Don't color code them. The indicator should be legible in dim lighting (like at your reception) from a few feet away. This way the server can clearly see their selection, serve and move on. Nothing is worse for a caterer than silver and gold metallic letters that look exactly the same.

What are the options? SOOO many options here. Here are some examples:

  • Animals: use little cow, chicken, pig or leaf stickers on the corner. check out this from amazon.

  • Color coded dots: You can use little dot stickers or a marker to establish the difference. For instance, Beef would be red, Chicken would be white, etc. Matching the colors to your wedding colors works too, but not if they are similar. If they are similar, you can use 2 dots for beef, 1 for chicken, 3 for whatever. It will get the point accross.

  • Color coded lettering: Just have the guests names written in different colors! This is a beautiful and subtle way to show the difference

  • Other pictures: the picture icon can be anything really. For instance, use greenery and flower pictures.

Luckily, you can get REALLY creative with these! :)

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