Legacy Event Company. New Beginnings.

Fresh start. New beginning.


I started this company to fuel my passion for creating something beautiful and helping others. A few months ago, I was asked what my legacy goal is (thanks Ian). When I didn't have an answer, it really made me think about my life. I have a wonderful husband and three awesome boys. I have made an great career in the hospitality field, but honestly, something was missing. I thought of working towards being a GM of a hotel or country club and working my way up the corporate ranks. As cool as that would be, it made my heart sink.

So, I went back to the basics, and had a little Q&A with myself:

  • What are my life priorites? My family

  • What is my work passion? Weddings and events.

  • How do I want people to see me? As someone who helped others discover their dreams.

So again, WHY LEGACY?

The word Legacy means so many things to many people. It's basic meaning is a gift or inheritance.

To me, Legacy means creating memories. It's giving the gift of experiences. It's providing and being there for my family. It's the sharing of knowledge.

So here we go on this new adventure! Let's create a legacy.

P.S. On a lighter note: It's funny that it took this long for me to realize though. When I finally took the plunge and created Legacy Event Company, many of my vendor friends responded with "FINALLY!" If only I had listened to them years ago!

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